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ArtSci Symposium

Traditional scientific posters and literature often feel inaccessible to the general public. The American Physician and Scientists Association (APSA) and the Biomedical Art and Visualization (BMAV) Department of Rowan University recognize this problem and wish to address it via the ArtSci Symposium Series. The goal of this series is to effectively communicate scientific research to the general public. APSA and BMAV have decided to collaborate by using interactive projects and engaging visuals developed by art students in conjunction with research material from Rowan University labs and faculty.

The long-term goal of the ArtSci Symposium Series is to foster ongoing relationships among different research groups, faculty, students, as well as local schools and businesses. The ArtSci Symposium Series considers the general public as the key audience and encourages people regardless of their affiliation with Rowan University to participate. We hope that this innovative hybrid symposium will bring together different types of people and create an inclusive environment.

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